Struggling with my thoughts

Change the locks inside my head

13 October
Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
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Not confident, trembling, quavering, shaking...Tremulous Mind

This is the account for the system of Leander, Danny, Lea, Leo, Leann, Claire, Nessa, and Ben and any others who might present.

Please respect this account as it is real and personal. This is not an act or a lie. Diagnosed in 2006 with Dissociative Identity Disorder, this is the journal of our lives, inside our head-space.

We share a body that was born female, but the core personality - the one who fronts, identifies as genderqueer. We are various ages and various types of personalities. We are quite honest and blunt, though some of us are shy. Right now there is only a system of 8, perhaps 9. We go with the flow.

-System of Leander

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